Jan 25, 2011


The author, Chiharu SAKAZAKI, has been created many successful characters in Japan such as the SUICA penguin ( a rechargeable contactless smart card by Central Japan Railway Company ), kakukaku shikajika ( a mascot of Daihatsu motor Co.,Ltd.), ku:nel-kun ( a mascot of ku:nel magazine ) , Chiba-kun ( a mascot of Chiba prefecture of Japan ) etc... Her characters have been loved by many people regardless of age and sex. This book shows her illustration techniques such as lines, colors, and shapes, and also the character making processes and her working style along with many of her famous illustrations. This book is not only for illustrators or people who want to become an illustrator, but also for companies or business people who like to know more about character designs in commercial fields.

Author: Chiharu SAKAZAKI
Price: 1,980 yen + tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-743-9)
Format: 208 x 150mm, 128 pages, Soft cover with jacket
Language: Japanese / Release Date: 25th January 2011