May 26, 2011

Girls Handicraft Dictionary

This is a cute visual dictionary of handicraft, craft tool, and material.
It is not for a professional but for who searches handicraft hobby, or who just started creating original craft works and wants to try many genres in handicraft using various materials.
This book is great to find new ideas and new genre of handicraft, and can also be used as a catalog as its listing practical information on tools and basic terms.

Price: 1,600 yen + tax ( ISBN: 978-4861007415 )
Format: 208 x 150 mm, 192 pages ( Full Color )
Language: Japanese / Release Date: 26th May 2011

May 24, 2011

Masters of Nordic Designs - following their footmarks

Journey into Denmark, Sweden, Finland

This is a photo document book following the footmarks of Nordic designs such as architectures, furnitures, interiors, graphics, and textiles, etc.
Masters of Nordic designs created functional and warm feeling daily commodities, modern architectures harmonize with nature, comfortable and beautiful interiors. Many of them focused on the design in lifestyle as not only featuring how they look but the scenery of lifestyle and time.
This book features Arne Emil Jacobsen ( Denmark ), Erik Gunnar Asplund (Sweden ), and Alvar Aalto ( Finland ), and visit places of scenic beauty, meeting with people who know those days and follow their real images and achievements. This book also includes a report of Nordic vintage auction and directory of Nordic designer brands.

Price: 1,800 yen + tax ( ISBN: 978-4861007385 )
Format: 208 x 144 mm, 176 pages ( Full Color ), softcover with jacktet
Language: Japanese / Release Date: 24th May 2011