Dec 13, 2012

world PHOTOSHOP BRUSH collection

From materials such as trees, the sky, animals, frames and ruffled borders and textures such as action, ink stains and crumpled paper, "BRUSH UP!" includes numerous clipart downloads to add a shine to your creativity.
In this book, we showcase 141 brushes selected from around the world. Comprehensive data on each brushes are given in the accompanying DVD-ROM. As they are Photoshop brushes, you can achieve a high-quality graphic with just one click. Make these brushes gigantic as a main graphic, or superimpose and juxtapose them as accents, this collection of clipart can play an active part in any kind of scene.

Price: 2,400 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-858-0)
Format: 150 x 210 mm, 310 pages (4c+2c) Softcover with Jacket, contain 1 DVD-ROM 
Language: Japanese/ English Bilingual
Release date: 21th December 2012

Nov 27, 2012

Paper Embroidery

This is a how-to craft book that demonstrates how to embroider paper and make creative works. It is so much simpler and easier to embroider paper than cloth, making it an ideal medium with which children can have fun. From the hands of three embroidery crafters, the works presented here are a diverse mixture of simple stitches such as lines and dots, showing the reader how to broaden design variations, add messages using letters and numbers, and embroider 3D paper craft. The book is full of unique and stunning ideas, not only for the daily crafter but for anyone who wants to enjoy handmade crafts.

The Author: atsumi, Minako Chiba, Mari Kamio
Price: 1,300 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-837-5)
Format: 182 x 230 mm, 120 pages (4c+1c) Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese/ Release date: 16th November 2012
◆ Chapter1 Draw by Embroidery : message card, birthday card, ornament card, Christmas card, gift card,
                                                      seasonal greeting card, binder, notebook, paper file
◆ Chapter2 Note down by Embroidery : name card, photo frame, notebook, welcome board, paper clock,
◆ Chapter3 Paper Embroidery Zakka : cake dish, cup holder, wrapping paper, gift box,book jacket, bookmark
◆ Basics : tool and material for Paper Embroidery,how to embroider on paper, about stitch yarn, stitch variation
Pattern and How to 

Oct 31, 2012

Books on Japan 1931-1972
Japanese propaganda books

In this book 100 propaganda magazines, published between 1931 to 1972, are introduced. The front cover and middle page of each magazine is introduced by year along with a brief overview. By “propaganda magazines” we mean such magazines promoting political, military and cultural ideas as is represented by the magazines NIPPON (Nihon Kobou) and FRONT (Tohosha). Also included in these 100 magazines is tourist guides, export product catalogues, world fair catalogues and Olympic brochures. In such “propaganda magazines” published by the government or large companies generous budgets were provided for such publications. Accordingly, many persons who have contributed greatly to the history of Japanese photography and graphic design are introduced. (For example in NIPPON such persons as; Yonosuke Natori, Takashi Kono, Fumio Yamana, Yusaku Kamekura, Goro Kumada, Ken Domon and Shihachi Fujimoto. In FRONT such persons as; Tatsuo Hayashi, Hiromu Hara, Seiichi Tagawa, Ihei Kimura, Yoshio Watanabe and Hiroshi Hamaya).  As a result, by looking at the graphics in these magazines one can see how the world currents in graphics have been arranged to form a unique Japanese modernism. A look at the news photos and advertisements in these magazines vividly illustrates Japan’s evolution over this time span. The people who lived, the cities that existed and the thoughts that were prevalent at that time are all extensively recorded. Even though time has passed the vitality of these times can still be felt.

Author: Yoshiyuki Morioka 
Price: 3,800 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-826-9) 
Format: 182 × 257 mm, 208 pages (Full color) Hardcover with Jacket 
Language: Japanese 
Release date: 26th October 2012


 In this book can be found the fashion graphic works of Japanese and non-Japanese art directors, designers and photographers. Their brilliant works are introduced by category; such categories including, advertisements, printed matter, Web, magazines, free-papers and virtual boutique. The creative expressions of these fashion photographs that use various mediums are for sure to inspire anyone involved in visual expression.

Author: Yusuke Shouno, Natsumi Fujita 
Price: 9,800 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-818-4)
Format: 305 ×230 mm, 240 pages (Full color) Hardcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese/ English bilingual
Release date: 12th October 2012



Oct 1, 2012

Fun Logo Making

In this book the technique for making Japanese and English logos is systematized and explained. The author’s technique of first studying the characteristics of the letter shapes and then conceiving creative and original logos is explained in detail. This explanation will no doubt be most beneficial for those who are beginners in logo making or those who are now pondering some actual logo designs. Actual examples of the author’s logo making process, (broadcast in NHK BS1 / BS Premium) that is from the rough ideas stage to the brush-up stage and completion are documented.

Author: Hajime Kabutoya
Price: 1,800 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-839-9)
Format: 148×210 mm, 176 pages (Full color) Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese/ Release date: 18th September

Hajime Kabutoya:
Art director and Graphic designer. Born 1973 in Tokyo. works in a wide range of graphics such as book design, logo and package and produced about 40 English fonts. Also the author of 'Beautiful Fonts and Designs' [BNN].
He has been awarded at NY TDC award, Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC, JAGDA, Japan Typography.

1 English logo technique
016 cut a letter

018 extend a letter
020 combine a letter
022 size up a letter
024 put into a figure
026 color a part
028 compose different boldness
030 enter a symbol
032 use font variations
034 use distinctive fonts
036 create original letters
038 manipulate elements
040 use existing fonts
042 mix different fonts
048 about category in "letter form"

2 Let's know the form of the letter
048 about category in "letter form" 
050 A
052 B
054 C
056 D
058 E
060 F
062 G
064 H
066 I
068 J
070 K
072 L
074 M
076 N
078 O
080 P
082 Q
084 R
086 S
088 T
090 U
092 V
094 W
096 X
098 Y
100 Z
102 Fonts list
114 Advanced technique
115 Use unusual form on the tip
116 Use form cropped a part
117 Use form round a part

118 Use form extended a line
119 tips to create original letters

3 Japanese logo technique
122 About Japanese logo
124 cut a letter
126 extend a letter
128 put a symbol
130 create original letters
132 manipulate elements

134 make it imbalance
136 use English letter parts

4 The making of logo from making
140 BS1/BS Premium
152 People Design
156 Aqua Creation
160 Overseas Network
166 Catch-copy Encyclopaedia
170 Was I a monster parent!?
174 afterword

girls ZINE 2

This is the second title in this series. ZINE is about publishing by individuals or groups in small numbers, also called “little-press.”  The attention to ZINE increased more and more and the events and the activity of presenting ZINE are gaining nationally.
Rather than the first series which introduced much as [ ZINE GUIDE ] , the second series is broken in to the charm of ZINE introducing the interviews to a ZINE producer, the introduction of a work procedure, ZINE-related events, and the introduction of a ZINE label, etc. Panoptically, "to product" ZINE, "to be connected through ZINE" and "ZINE as a communication tool" are focused.
Moreover, It is divided into three categories, [PHOTOGRAPH-LIFE STYLE] [ART-DRAWING] [CULTURE] as ZINE GUIDE with full of visuals that one can enjoy just to look.
In the end of this book, it contains description of the basic knowledge of printing and bookbinding. This book covers the joy of getting published and discusses how such mini publications can be utilized as a tool to connect people of similar interests.

Editor: Obscure inc.
Price: 1,600 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-828-3)
Format: 148×210 mm, 120 pages (Full color) Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese/ Release date: 18th September

 — MESS・10zine・parapera・zine club

 —DOLLY BIRD GIRLS・CHIMASKI・Sachiyo Oishi・yakk・curry note・saturn・michinoeki


Basic knowledge of printing and bookbinding

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Sep 25, 2012



Sep 20, 2012

Designing Tumblr

This is a guide book for aspiring design creators of the most effective promotion tool; Tumblr. It explains basic operations and the most creative use of this tool along with providing examples of uses for portfolio and one-concept sites. Also how to customize a design, what Tumblr sites one should follow and client software are clarified. It introduces sites with high-quality ideas and explains how to customize and build your own Tumblr.

        Editor:Kurando Furuya, Kentarou Takaoka
        Price: 1,600 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-830-6)
        Format: 148×210mm, 160 pages (Full color), Softcover with Jacket
        Language: Japanese  Release date: 11th September 2012

Part 1 Welcome to Tumblr
            Tumblr and its founder, David Karp

Part 2 Basic practice of Tumblr
Part 3 How to customize
Part 4 Advanced Practice
Part 5 Tumblr Yellow page
Part 6   Themes of Tumblr
Part 7 Master of Tumblr