Nov 24, 2010


Let's enjoy and make fashionable handmade interior goods!
Wall Sticker is the interior goods to decorate walls of a room. Originally created in France, it rapidly became popular all over the world including Japan.
This book is showcasing the diverse ideas on methods for making and decorating little Wall Stickers made from Cutting Sheets, Masking Tapes, Papers, etc.

Chapter 1 Animals
Chapter2 Plants
Chapter 3 Travelaround the world
Chapter 4 Interior

Masking tape techniques
Chapter 5 Party Time
Combine various motifs

Tools & Materials
Howto make Wall Sticker
Tips of Cutting sheets
Tips of making
Tips of masking tapes
Tips of sticking Cutting sheets
Tips of peeling off Cutting Sheets
Where to buy Cutting Sheets
How-to use patterns in this book.

Paper cutout collections
What is Wall Sticker?

Tiny Wal Stickers
Interior Sticky

Let's check rooms with Wall Stickers
Manufacture Report - Nakagawa Chemical Inc.
What is Cutting sheets?

The Author: CHIKU
Price: 1,600 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-731-6)
Format: 158 x 210 mm, 128 pages, Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese / Release date: 24th November
Contained: pattern paper for +-500 Wall Stickers.

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mt Wrapping Book

Recent years, Masking tapes have been popular for collage purposes in Japan, and the trend started by "mt" wrapping series produced by KAMOI KAKOSHI. Revolutionary, "mt" masking tapes create a new genre in Japanese crafts scene by carrying a variety of high-quality masking tapes with various colors, patterns, and sizes, which are so different from other existing masking tapes.

This book is supervised by KAMOI KAKO officially, and introduces you how-to on wrapping using "mt" wrapping series and a fantastic wrappings world; contains apx.30 wrapping techniques with a lots of pictures to inspire readers visually and teach tips easily. It's extremely cute and easy, explore a new way of wrapping!

Price: 1,600 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-725-5)
Format: 158 x 210 mm, 112 pages (Full Color) Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese / Release date: 24 th November October 2010

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