Mar 19, 2012

Let's make everyday things look antique!

simple and stylish ways to make daily goods like antiques

This book will show you how to transform familiar and spick-and-span
even things found in the 100-yen shops,
to transform into fabulous antique goods!
Have you ever seen WOLCA's website where you can learn how to make a thing like an antique look
and download its material data?
You can transform a brand new paper into an old-fashioned one
and a bottle sold in the 100-yen shop into the one like an antique if you follow the technique of the site.
Moreover,the best appeal of the book is,"easy" and "high quality" are guaranteed.
This book fully introduces WOLCA's way of arranging techniques and ideas to give something an antique look.
Besides, there is a limited material data to download inside
and you can easily step in to any ideas you like.
Lots of tips for handmade lovers to come practice!

Price : 1,200yen+tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-794-1
150×210㎜/96pages, Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese / 25th October 2011

PART1〈arrange〉transform daily life goods like antiques
antique paper made of plain paper
wax coated paper made of an antique book
retro picture made of glossy paper
retro picture made of matt paper
vintage-look bottles
original masking tapes of favorite images
just to print out, an antique-look musical score
a ranscriptional original photo frame
a message card with outline characters
lame contained sealing wax
PART2〈application〉practical ideas of creating zakka using arranged materials and WOLCA's original materials
vintage style book cover
WOLCA's original matchbox
postcard photo panel
an apple shaped object made of an antique book
candle holder made of wax coated paper
storage&display 1: napkin ring
storage&display 2: toilet paper covercolorful animal-shaped paper ornament
German stamps paper ornament
PART3〈gift〉original gift wrapping to give an antique look
small gift boxes of various patterns
stylish and old-fashioned taste wrapping paper
small paper bags with favorite materials
a gift box with an antique look


The designs for celebrating and sharing auspicious events with people you care. Such as paper items for wedding and greeting cards, tools to open a shop or build up a brand, and for anniversaries, this book contains the design for auspicious announcements. From private original works to tools, products, service for clients, it introduces various
works by graphic designers sorted by categories in wedding, greeting, announcement, and anniversary.

Price:2,500yen+tax (
ISBN 978-4-86100-812-2
183×242㎜/240pages, Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese / 23rd March 2012


celebration and announcement regarding wedding

anniversary / birthday /public holiday/seasonal greetings

establishment /open/relocation/invitation for a party and an event

year anniversary / jubilee event and announcement

Mar 5, 2012

15 YEARS OF MEDIA ARTS 1997-2011

It has been 15 years since Japan Media Arts Festival and ICC began. These 15 years, our media environments have changed dramatically. We can say this kind of change (technology and products) and the evolution of media arts have always developed collaterally. To overlook the works appeared in past 15 years is neither more nor less than we experience vicariously what creators have questioned against social change and answers the era has led to.
This book is to overview the outcomes that Japanese media arts have achieved through trials. It is divided in 6 categories such as, media art / anime / manga / video game / motion graphics / internet. We could also gaze next 15 years by re-verifying what had been produced and become trends in relation to technology × society × art and making them meaningful.

Editor:Kurando Furuya, Yusuke Shono, Arina Tsukada
Price: 3000yen+tax
(ISBN 978-4-86100-817-7)
Format :
185×240㎜,240pages, Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese / 1st March 2012



fixation and expansion of media arts in Japan by Minoru Hatanaka

15 years history of device art by Machiko Kusahara

Media art as an installation : collection of reality and historicity by Kazunao Abe

1997 birth of media art platform

2011 genuine start of exploration in media art archives


change of receptivity in animation by Tsunehiro Uno

anime, something like anime, world, future by Toshiyuki Inoko

daily anime as a tidemark of Moe-anime by Hidekuni Shida

1997 dawning of picture + CG

solidification of daily anime


transition of manga market by Go Ito

revolution, she said: 15 years of manga subculture by Ami Yoshida

1997 legend of『ONE PIECE』begun

2011 sensitivity after 3.11


15 years history of home TV game by Rolling Uchizawa

15 years history of game war between Japan and America by Takeshi Uechi

making a game like a body and making a body a like a game by Kotaro Tanaka

1997 dawning of Play Station

2011 big hits or D.I.Y. speed up of dichotomization


Was design by numbers and calculation able to get a new art stream by Shunichi Suge

MV history after MTV in Japan by Nagako Hayashi


2011 to new user experience


free culture and internet by Dominique Chen

Internet history of mood / mode by Barbora

relationship between internet and art by Yosuke kurita

grandpa, grandma, foolish, kid, internet by Gabin Ito

1997 the end of internet dawning

2011 reconsideration of information spread

a chronological table of media art in past 15 years

writers' profiles