Dec 16, 2009

- Practical WEB usability -

This book teaches important know-how on how to create comfortable and user-friendly website, focusing on layout design and effective visuals. This book contains many images, commentaries, and valuable examples which are absolutely imperative for Web designers.

Author: Kenji Abe / Supervising editor: Yuko Ishida  
Price: 2,400 yen + tax ( ISBN 978-4-86100-688-3 )
Format: 250 x 184mm, 240 ( Full color ) Soft cover with Jacket
Language: Japanese / Release date: 16th DEC 2009

123 Background Motion Pictures

This book contains 123 stock footage for making video.
All data is on attached DVD-ROM with MP4 and AVI, and they are completely royalty Free! Perfect for people who create and edit video, and very useful for many occasions such as video-sharing, wedding movie, and presentation, etc.

Price: 2,800 yen + tax ( ISBN 978-4-86100-693-7 )
Format: 182 x 230mm, 176 ( Full color ) Soft cover with jacket
Language: Japanese / Relaese date: 16th DEC 2009
Include DVD-ROM ( MP4: H264 720 x 540 fps30 / AVI: DV-NTSC 720 x 480 fps30 )  

- Artists In Residencies around the world -

The artists-in-residence has been producing many master artists
such as from Gauguin, Donald Judd, Makoto Aida, and Takashi Murakami.

This visual book introduces apx.90 artists-in-residences (so-called AIR) around the world, and more than 100 artists from there.Moreover, this book has the information of 520 artists-in-residences around the world, and very useful information of their detailed profile and laterst information.

Including special Interviews: Makoto Aida (Artist), Mario A.Caro (Director of Res Artis), Fumio Nanjo (Director of Mori Art Museum), Zhen Weimin (Director of DDM Warehouse), Stuart Bastik (Artist & Director of ART GENE), Manuel Tardits (Architect "Mikan").

Price: 3,800 yen + tax
( ISBN 978-4-86100-669-2 )
Format: 265 x 185 mm, 384 ( Full color ) Soft cover with Jacket
Language: English-Japanese Bilingual / Release date: 16th DEC 2009

Dec 9, 2009


The Japanese calligraphy artist Souun Takeda is the center of public attention in Japan. His unique, dynamic calligraphies transmit the visual appeals of kanji (Chinese characters). His conversations with a linguist and foreigners on charms of kanji are also featured. It can be read as an introduction to kanji from an original viewpoint.

Author: Souun Takeda
Price: 1,800 yen + tax ( ISBN 978-4-86100-661-6)
Format: 208 x 275 mm,128 (4C+1C) Soft cover with Jacket
Language: English-Japanese Bilingual / Release date: 9th DEC 2009