Jul 23, 2009

- Living with Modern Crafts -

In these days, people choose interior designs that matches their lifestyles, and more and more people are buying independent creators' furniture. Some Japanese furniture designers are assimilating design from all over the world to create modern pieces which are shown in the book. This document photo book introduces about 24 groups of creators & designers, focusing on their passions into creation of furniture as well as including a basic knowledge of furniture especially for whom like to order or create furniture ( Include school information of Japan and Sweden at the end).

Price: 2,500 yen + tax ( ISBN 978-4-86100-646-3 )
Format: 258 × 192 mm, 176 pages (Full color) Softcover with jacket
Language: Japanese / Release date: 23rd July 2009

Jul 15, 2009

Sweet Design Memories:

The 3rd book in the series is on the cute "Witch"! From 「Maho tsukai Sally (witch Sally)」 to 「Hananoko Lun Lun ( Flower child Lun Lun) 」 and 「Magical angel creamy MAMI」, cute witches in 80's will get together in this book. Bringing back memories of Magical compact, stick, casting a spell, sub-characters, and good old goods. Let's time-trip to the world of cute "witches".

Price: 1,480 yen + tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-655-4)
Format: 130 x 178 mm, 128 pages
Language: Japanese / Release Date: 15th July 2009