Jun 29, 2012

Play Printing

This book is a general guide to know what is offset printing and how it works.
There are tons of printed matters around us but how are they actually made right from the start? 
"Play Printing" introduces how the printing technology has achieved, and what kind of knowledge would be useful to order offset printing and also to write a specification document, etc. 
The author, a professional in direction of printed matter explains easy-to-understand offset printing structure.

Naoko Noguchi
Born in 1984.  president of MARGIN Lab. design office. A freelance engaged in the design and supervision of a variety of printed materials in addition to special printing.
While running the event space "SHIBAURA HOUSE", not only working as a lecturer, editor and writer but also a planner for "kami labo!", the event circle to hold lectures and workshops related to the paper and printing. http://yohaku.biz/

The Author: Naoko Noguchi
Price: 1,980 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-814-6)
Format: 150 x 195 mm, 176 pages (Full color) Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese/ Release date: 22th June 2012

what is printing
 Part Ⅰ printed matter and its specification
case example
what is specification / how to order
Part Ⅱ how offset printing works
data and offset plate
reproducible colors by printing machine
paper and ink compatibility
Part Ⅲ idea and trial of offset printing
useful application TIPS
advanced ideas using know-how and function
printing workshop with offset machine