Sep 8, 2011


An interior shop “Barden Barden” opened 13 years ago in Tokyo, with their philosophy “Japanese aesthetic in this modern ara”. The shop’s owner Chizuko Mori bought a forty-years-old small house to start the shop, and she repaired and renovated by utilizing the character of the two-story wooden house. She carries products of Japanese creators who have the aesthetic, and sells the handmade works in the Japanese-size small shop. From small accessories to big furniture, she promotes and sells creators’ handmade works in very well thought-out style as each of them is blending in the way of life. And many people as well as creators visit the shop to find “only one product”.There is no double that a creator will have a connection with a shop or exhibit space if he/she wants to promote or sell artworks. This book features 20 creators; from their creations, birth of the works, and to promote and sell their works. The shop cooperate the every step with creators, and this book shows you how artists and shop can be deeply connected together.

ISBN:978-4-86100-768-2 Price:1,800 yen + tax Page: 176 The author: Chizuko Mori ( Barden Barden ) Release date: 22th September 2011