Jan 24, 2009

BUG BOOK Series:

BUG BOOK Label releases highly practical, unique design catalogs and products with ingenious ideas are all limited editions. Highly recommended for professional graphic designers.

This book introduces small and eye catching graphics; focusing on promotion materials such as a card, DM, a flier and novelty etc. - The theme is small and excellent promotion designs specially emphasized on ideas. Contains many exquisite graphics in printings, processes, ideas, and materials. Promotion designs have a restriction in budgets and distributions, but a lot of amazing ideas and values as collections.

Price: 13,000 yen + tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-533-6)
Format: 305 x 277 mm, 184 pages (Full Color) Hard Cover with a vinyl / German style biding
Language: English-Japanese Bilingual / Release Date: 24th January 2009

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