May 17, 2006


ATOMOSPHERE 04 Spring/Summer 2007
"Atmosphere" is a creative information magazine. The theme is "Feel the ATMOSPHERE's atmosphere", and through this volume, readers will rediscover the joy, attraction and beauty of graphic designs using paper as a medium.

Price: 1,900 yen + tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-440-7)
Format: 219 x 280 mm, 80 pages (1C) Paperback
Language: Japanese / Release Date: 10th May 2007

ATOMOSPHERE 03 Spring/Summer 2006
In addition to featuring media and the newest designers actively involved in London's music and fashion scene, the magazine is packed with the latest information on creators GAS has introduced (about 70 of them in total) from all over the world and news from the world's big cities.

Price: 2,300 yen + tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-407-1)
Format: 219 x 280 mm, 144 pages (Full Color) Softcover
Language: Japanese / Release Date: 17th May 2006