Jan 30, 2013

a book about GIF animation

 "GIF" became the word selection of the year 2012 by Oxford English Dictionary. 25 years since born and 20 years since first posted in World Wide Web, GIF has been one of the long-lasting bit-mapped graphics file formats. Although the way to use it has been changing along the internet evolution, GIF is always developed a new expression as well as ensuring the popularity and the constant demand in the internet world that requires the speed and lightness of the communication. In this book, it introduces the wide GIF hisotry from internet culture to commercial GIF using representative samples of the era and including chronology, and shows the process of how top-creators make their GIF works. A good companion not only to know more deeply about GIF that is indispensable to web design, but also to create a variety of animation. 

The Author: Kurando Furuya, Kota Ishii
Price: 1,600 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-863-4)
Format: 150 x 210 mm, 160 pages,
Full color, Softcover with Jacket,
Language: Japanese/ Release date: 24th January 2013

History of GIF animation 1
Birth of GIF and its first trend」1987-2001
History of GIF animation 2
Re-evaluated GIF format」2000-

[How to]
How to make GIF animation /2D
「2D motion grpahic」by UKYO Inaba
Drawing GIF animation」by Rapparu
How to make GIF animation /2D advanced
Mail decoration」by Tokori Morita
「Web and GIF」by Cooked
Cut out a motion picture and GIF finalizationby Kazumasa Teshigawara
How to make GIF animation /3D
「3D GIF animation objectby Kota Oga
「3D loop GIF animationby TYMOTE Kota Iguchi
How to make GIF animationmovie
Cinematic GIF」by Takehiro Goto
Wiggle stereographyby Hiroshi Yoshinaga

「GIF and you don't stop!」
「The GIF Connoisseur, that is you
Daily Portal Z International GIF Animation Award」 
「GIF as a new phenomenon」 
「GIF animation VJ and I」 
A limitation called file foramts creates a new visual expression
About "Nakau" website」 

Levi's® × Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo」
cornelius special site
GIF animation VJ software made by students

kuchiroro website

GIF Chronology 1985-2012