Feb 5, 2013

Wim Crouwel
A Graphic Odyssey

Wim Crouwel's design is not in the past but always ahead of the times, making him one of the most outstanding graphic designers of the 20th century. This omnibus book covers his entire career, which started in the Netherlands after the end of World War. Crouwel is well known for his rigid grid system that brooks no exceptions, his experimental typographies for computers, his disciplined art direction for museums, and his projects for Total Design—which he founded. This book gives a chronological overview of his work spanning 60 years.
Author: Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy 
Translator: Ichiro Saga
Price: 2,500 yen+tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-834-4)
Format: 190×240 /176 pages, Hardcover with Jacket
Language: English-Japanese Bilingual / 19th September 2012