Jan 24, 2013

Design Book of Paper & Photo Item

The graphic designer Naoya Okazaki, who makes miscellaneous handmade goods and booklets using photographs he has taken himself, introduces 100 simple and stylish ideas to make a paper item under the theme of design × craft.
You can make so many things by just cutting, folding and putting rubber stamps on paper, such as goods you frequently use and want to place around you or gifts for others. This book is a valuable source of exciting ideas.

The Author: Naoya Okazaki
The Photographer: Seiji Mizuno 
Price: 1,400 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-862-7)
Format: 184 x 230 mm, 192 pages,
(4c+1c) Softcover with Jacket,
Language: Japanese/ Release date: 24th January 2013

1 Souvenir
1.New Tohoku Souvenir Set
2.New Tokyo Souvenir Set
3.New Mt.Fuji Souvenir Set
4.Mt.Fuji Goods
5.Tobacco Package
6.Matchbox Package
7.Tokyo Sky Tree Letter Paper
8.Tokyo Tower Letter Paper
9.Three-storied Pagoda Letter Paper

2 Sationery 
10.Cutout Letter Set
11.Colorful Envelope
12.Design Triangle Envelope
13.Padding Envelope
14.Tear-out Postcard
15.Square Postcard
16.Wooden Postcard
17.Rolled-up Letter Paper 
18.Various Shaped Bookmark 
19.Photo Bookmark 
20.Clip-on Memo Pad
21.Colorful Memo Pad
22.Clip Case
24.Clipboard Calendar
25.Illustrated Graph Notebook
26.Tear-out Accordion Notebook
28.Zigzag Ruler
29.Colorful Triangle Ruler
30.Rolling Tape Holder
31.Square Tape Holder
32.Book Case 
33.Photo Book Cover
34.Book Cover with Ribbon
35.Noshi Paper
36.Wrapping Paper
37.Folding Paper Bag
38.Photo Paper Bag
39.Mt.Fuji Small Box
40.Various Small Box
41.Box Applique
42.Colorful Disc Case
43.No.5 Disc Case
44.Noshi Bukuro
45.Gift Envelope
46.Crayon Box and Holding Paper

3 Band on Everything・Stamp on Everything 
47.Band on Box 
48.Band on Pencil 
49.Band on Notebook
50.Band on Photograph
51.Band on T-shirt 
52.Stamp Tear-off Calendar 
53.Stamped Envelope 
54.Stamped Postcard 
55.Stamped Coaster 
56.Stamped Tote Bag


4 Photograph 
57.Big Photo Book
58.Zigzag Photo Book
59.Small Photo Book
60.Polaroid-Look Photograph
61.Photographic Negative Box
62.Photographic Negative Case
63.Flip Album
64.Pull Out Album
65.Small Wooden Photo Panel
66.Square Photo Frame
67.Acrylic Photo Box
68.Retro 3D Card

5 Kitchen 
69.Paper Apron
70.Place Mat
71.Paper Plate
73.Paper Cup Sleeve
74.Toothpick Case
75.Chopsticks Holder
76.Tea Bag Case
77.Globe Chocolate Box
78.Candy Bag
79.Cookie Bag
80.Small Japanese Confectionery Gift

Interior / Zakka 
81.Paper House
82.Mt.Fuji Mobile
83.Photo Mobile
84.Record Jacket
86.Wood Magnet
87.Door Hanger
88.Alphabet Door Hanger
89.Mountain Shape Clock
90.Combination Table Clock
91.Paper Watch
92.Eyesight-Test Chart
93.Flip Comic Book
94.Paper Badge
95.Button Board
96.Donut Tag
97.Ribbon Tie
98.Bottle Label
99.Paper Slipper
100.Medicine Case

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