Oct 1, 2012

Fun Logo Making

In this book the technique for making Japanese and English logos is systematized and explained. The author’s technique of first studying the characteristics of the letter shapes and then conceiving creative and original logos is explained in detail. This explanation will no doubt be most beneficial for those who are beginners in logo making or those who are now pondering some actual logo designs. Actual examples of the author’s logo making process, (broadcast in NHK BS1 / BS Premium) that is from the rough ideas stage to the brush-up stage and completion are documented.

Author: Hajime Kabutoya
Price: 1,800 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-839-9)
Format: 148×210 mm, 176 pages (Full color) Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese/ Release date: 18th September

Hajime Kabutoya:
Art director and Graphic designer. Born 1973 in Tokyo. works in a wide range of graphics such as book design, logo and package and produced about 40 English fonts. Also the author of 'Beautiful Fonts and Designs' [BNN].
He has been awarded at NY TDC award, Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC, JAGDA, Japan Typography.

1 English logo technique
016 cut a letter

018 extend a letter
020 combine a letter
022 size up a letter
024 put into a figure
026 color a part
028 compose different boldness
030 enter a symbol
032 use font variations
034 use distinctive fonts
036 create original letters
038 manipulate elements
040 use existing fonts
042 mix different fonts
048 about category in "letter form"

2 Let's know the form of the letter
048 about category in "letter form" 
050 A
052 B
054 C
056 D
058 E
060 F
062 G
064 H
066 I
068 J
070 K
072 L
074 M
076 N
078 O
080 P
082 Q
084 R
086 S
088 T
090 U
092 V
094 W
096 X
098 Y
100 Z
102 Fonts list
114 Advanced technique
115 Use unusual form on the tip
116 Use form cropped a part
117 Use form round a part

118 Use form extended a line
119 tips to create original letters

3 Japanese logo technique
122 About Japanese logo
124 cut a letter
126 extend a letter
128 put a symbol
130 create original letters
132 manipulate elements

134 make it imbalance
136 use English letter parts

4 The making of logo from making
140 BS1/BS Premium
152 People Design
156 Aqua Creation
160 Overseas Network
166 Catch-copy Encyclopaedia
170 Was I a monster parent!?
174 afterword