Sep 8, 2011

123 Royalty-Free Background Motion Pictures [NEO]

At last! A sequel to the hit book "123 Royalty-Free Background Motion Pictures".
Here you will find an immense sample of background movies -123 of them! - that are very easy to use. Even more convenient…These samples are applicable to 16:9 widescreen too.
For professionals, but also for YouTube and Nico Nico Douga beginners searching a place to post movies.


Price: 2,800 yen + tax

Format: 182 x 230 mm, 176page (Full color), Softcover with jacket.

Includes:DVD-ROM x 1 MP4(H264/960x540/fps30)AVI(DV-NTSC/720x480/fps30)
21th September 2011 Author: ES...(Molojun)