Apr 15, 2011

minä perhonen?

-This book is composed of words and pictures and will tell you 15-year history of a Japanese fashion brand “minä perhonen”
minä perhonen was established on 1995 by Akira Minagawa, from the hope to make "special daily clothes". Their fabrication process begins together with the sketches of original textile. They have been continuing to produce the fashions contained poetry/story. When we put on their clothes, our feelings become lighter and uplifted. In their creation contained marvelous charm, minä perhonen holds on the original brand philosophy which defies stereotype of fashion world.
This book describes minä perhonen's accumulated history, their philosophy, and their challenges, through visual and words. Centered around 50 keywords such as "time" "embroidery" "imagination" "wind" "reflection", this book tells you about designers' passions and their perspectives tothe society or, uncompromised conversations during the fabrication process. Plentiful images of textiles, their atelier and factory provide a sense of reality to these stories. Atsuki Kikuchi, minä perhonens' graphic designer is the art director of this book. Through this book condensed their 15-year history, hope you will feel their unshakable belief which become a core of expressive expression on their creation.

Author: minä perhonen
Art director: Atsuki Kikuchi
Price: 2,600 yen + tax (ISBN: 978-4-86100-746-0)
Format: 184 x 240 m, 208 pgaes (Full color), Softcover with jacket
Language: Japanese / Release Date: 15th April