Sep 10, 2010

Girls ZINE
-ZINE Guidance for girls-

ZINE is a printed matter that kind of a mini comic, coterie magazine or little press, made by an individual (or a group) on limited edition. According to separated categories, this book is showcasing the recommended ZINES, specially for girls - who have been already interested in ZINE, amateur of printed matters, or want to express something by oneself. These ZINEs are kawaii, stylish, and open expressions with plentiful visuals. Also, this book contains interviews of cutting-edge ZINE creator, how to make ZINEs, information on ZINE's events.
This book aims to inspire readers to be interested in "making ZINE" by oneself.
Through this book, you will discover that expressing freely your mind is not difficult and actually its really fun thing.

Introduction: Welcome to ZINE's World
Special Talks : Momo Nonaka / Hiroshi Eguchi
Interview: STOMACHACHE / Otome-Tsuushin / Twee Grrrls Club / HELLO SANDWIRCH TOKYO GUIDE
Favorite ZINE on the store: Takoche(Nakano) / Lilmag(Web) / PROGETTO(Kawasaki) / Commune(Shimokitazawa)
Apprendix: Making ZINE - the Process / ZINEs format / The Making of STOMACHACHE.s ZINE / The Making of Otome-Tsuuhin's ZINE

Supervisor: obscure, inc
Price: 1,600 yen + tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-745-3)
Format: 148 x 210 mm, 112 pages (full colors) Softcover with Jacket
Language: Japanese / Release Date: 27th September 2010

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