Mar 26, 2009

Illustration School : Plants and Small Creatures

This book is introduction to illustration by Sachiko Umoto, one of the most popular illustrators. Introduce various ways of drawing illustrations, which you can follow by simply imitating examples. Both adults and children can enjoy learning illustration by following the step-by-step guide and printed guidelines. This volume contains more than 70 types of illustrations: cherry blossom, carnation, sunflower, rose, poinsettia, and bees, frog, etc.
The author: Sachiko Umoto
Price: 1200 yen + tax ( ISBN 978-4-86100-635-7 )
Format: 160 x 200 mm, 112pages (2C) Softcover with jacket
Release Date: 26th, March 2009
Language: Japanese
*The book has been translated into Taiwanese / Korean / Chinese / English / French / German